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Wireless Solutions

Data cabling is not always possible, practical or applicable. From simple Wi-Fi setups and installations in homes and offices to large sites that require large Mesh Wi-Fi networks to run mission critical applications, Red Dog Group can deliver seamless wireless network solutions.

We’ve had extensive experience designing, installing and managing stable & robust wireless networks for a broad range of clients to suit a variety of applications.

Red Dog can design & deploy WLAN’s for small & large commercial clients and also install and commission Wireless Hotspots for hospitality venues such as stadiums, pubs, clubs, hotels & other service industry clients that wish to provide Wi-Fi access to their patrons in a world on connected culture.

  • Wireless LAN’s for small and large offices
  • Wireless mesh networks for large networks for seamless connectivity within network premises. Mesh networks (the same principle as mobile carrier networks) are suited for large projects such as hospitals, warehouses and multi-storey networks such as hotel Wi-Fi installations
  • Wireless Ethernet solutions for long distance transmission of Ethernet networks where cabling is cost prohibitive or not possible
  • Wi-Fi hotspots for commercial clients. We can handle smaller projects such as pubs, clubs and cafes through to multi-storey Wi-Fi setups such as hotels & hospitals
  • Extensive knowledge of 802.11 Wi-Fi standards & applications including correct channel selection & monitoring to ensure minimal interference from nearby factors
  • Point-to-point high bandwith transmission and mission critical information
  • Wirelss and microwave installations for radio networks for ground staff and roaming DECT handsets for site communications mobility

Red Dog Group is also capable of designing & deploying mobile repeater installations that can bring cellular signal to the depths of every corner of buildings, shopping centres, hospitals and even buildings that have signal issues in areas of poor coverage. Mobile repeater installations can be costly and an intimidating task, but Red Dog Group can deliver solutions that perform seamlessly and adhere to strict industry standards & regulations.

Contact us today for your wireless network projects whether it’s large or small.


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